Literature at the Stäfeli The reading areas in our hotel

1.      Just a little suggestion
Flicking the pages of a book whilst waiting in front of the reception desk may provide you   with some inspiration for your day out, talks at the breakfast table or at dinner or your stroll in the evening.

2.      Good morning!
At breakfast and tea time there are books and selected magazines available to flick through, notably coffee table books dealing with cookery, travel and other fine things of life.

3.      For a quick inspiration
In the hallway, you will find some short stories for a quick read as well as a separate section with books containing information about the designers involved in the refurbishment and extension work of our4-star hotel in Lech, for example Tricia Guild.

4.      “ZeitRaum” Lounge
Take time for a literary experience.
Our “ZeitRaum” provides space and silence to enjoy reading. The book shelf contains books which are sorted by colours according to the atmosphere they convey. “Don`t judge a book by its cover – Judge it by its colour.”

5.      “EnergieRaum” & “WohlfühlRaum”
Relax and unwind.
In our spa area, it is more about flicking through and listening than reading. The common “Lesezirkel” magazines are complemented by sophisticated and extravagant publications. You can also listen to captivating audiobooks.

6.      Reading Room
In our tranquil reading room you are always welcome to enjoy some fine literature.
The book shelf in the reading room contains the second part of our sentimental book section.

7. “PhantasieRaum”
Like yesterday.
The children’s library consists of the old children’s books of Gitti and Heinz, a collection of the “Donald Duck” comic strips and a series of “Asterix and Obelix” editions for our little guests.

Back to us by mail

Our Solution for Your Convenience
It may not always be possible to finish reading a book within a week. However, having started reading, you may not want to leave it back. We have the solution. You can take away the book without remorse and send it back to the Stäfeli in a pre-paid envelope after having read it home. For the pleasure of reading without remorse.

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